[big opening question that makes people read this e.g. [Are you in a fog about what the heck is happening with your business?]]


Is your business suffering from one or more of these and have you wondered what is the real issue and where to start fixing? 

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[List Pathologies]



[dont have to use them in one list. Perhaps create a summary bullets on the top and then explain each afterwards, while making a CTA every paragraph] 


A critical milestone was just missed, and worse, no one saw the breakdown coming.

[Description: ullet] Suddenly a powerful, smart and previously supportive senior colleague has started
[Description: ullet] resisting an important initiative.

[Description: ullet] An important initiative is moving along, but every step is heavy slogging. It's like pushing
[Description: ullet] stones up hill, and the team is likely to burn out before the objective is achieved.

[Description: ullet] The wrong people are heading the effort, despite good intentions.

[Description: ullet] Cross-functional team members are retreating into their silos.


A new or surprising opportunity has suddenly been identified, but to pursue it might mean
[Description: ullet] making wrenching changes.

[Description: ullet] Everyone has a good idea for how to go after the next challenge or opportunity, but no 
[Description: ullet] coherent plan is emerging.

[Description: ullet] The senior team is breaking up into factions, each supporting a different interpretation of 
[Description: ullet] the market and a different strategy.

[Description: ullet] Some members of the senior team say frankly that they fear where the company is going.

[Description: ullet] Senior team members spend more time qualifying their support than giving it.

A merger or acquisition has left multiple ways of doing things and coordination has
[Description: ullet] gotten worse.

[Description: ullet] The company wants to compete on speed of innovation but processes all take longer
[Description: ullet] than expected.

[Description: ullet] Projects continue to cost more or suffer more delays than expected.

[Description: ullet] Frustration and distrust are dominant aspects of relations between disciplines, functions,
[Description: ullet] or regions.

[Description: ullet] Customers (internal or external) continue to complain about the same things; perhaps
[Description: ullet] you've gotten quicker at responding but the core problem remains illusive or embedded.


Your company is growing and current managers need to step up to new levels of
[Description: ullet] responsibility.

[Description: ullet] In growing, new teams of leaders need to emerge from a mix of old and new people, and
[Description: ullet] coherent succession planning aligned with your overall strategy needs to be addressed.

[Description: ullet] The business is suffering from a lack of accountability and initiative throughout the ranks.

[Description: ullet] The company is suffering a retention problem: people don't see any personal opportunity
[Description: ullet] for themselves in staying. You're losing valuable talent, 'high potentials,' or experience.

[Description: ullet] Organizational, department, or team mood is suffering, affecting results.

You recognize the need for a shared corporate management methodology.

[Description: ullet] You see that a team or a cross-functional program is not working well and would like to try
[Description: ullet] out commitment methods.

[Description: ullet] You have heard about or read about our techniques and seen some of our successes and
[Description: ullet] want to find out how these techniques would work with teams in your company.

[Description: ullet] You have a corporate university and want pragmatic programs or courses where learning
[Description: ullet] can be immediately implemented.



 Organization's lack of performance

  Customer dissatisfaction

  Unable to innovate

  Declining or flat revenues


  Lack of talent

  Low employee loyalty

  Financial Issues




#1: Tolerating the Incapacity of Listening: We tolerate working in ways in which people do not frankly and effectively speak and listen with each other.

#2: The Bureaucracy: We work together bureaucratically, attempting to manage with sterile, standard rules and procedures. Arrogantly or fearfully, people resist change and develop excuses.

#3: Worship of Information Systems: We orient ourselves around information systems in the interpretation that storage, retrieval, transmission and display of information is itself relevant work.

#4: Killing Innovation: We tolerate incompetence for innovation and improvisation in our enterprises. Without a broad capacity for innovation, it is impossible to develop flexibility and new practices for a changing world.



1.     Your business is not able to keep up with the latest technology  (or your business is not taking full advantage of technology)

2.     Operations in your business seem messy and ball is often dropped between team members

3.     Workers are not happy in general and any initiatives undertaken for employee satisfaction have not yield results.

4.     Inability to produce consistent results standing in the way of business growth

5.     Unable to innovate in a fiercely competitive market 


[Let a team of world renowned business experts examine your business and produce a report].  


We will do [something]. We will do interviews.. we will review your P&L.


We will reveal to you, one at-least major blind-spot that is hurting or standing in the way of your business. That is a harvester guarantee. If you are not satisfied, we will continue to work with you, until you have [something; please ask chauncey].

The report will include: our assessments about dysfunction in the core processes that is leading to waste.. our proposed interventions to vastly improve business conditions.. present to you technology architecture to supercharge your business.. 


[design-check - identify rogue processes that are leaking money or identify improvements not visible now. is miscoordination costing you serious amount of business which is going unnoticed]

[tech-check - does your business have access to right technology? are you taking full advantage of technology investments you have made? is your technology helping your business or hurting your business? do you feel trapped by previous technology investments? What next technology you should have in your portfolio to take your business to the next level? how do you measure the effectiveness of technology] 

[skill-check - does your people possess the communication and coordination skills required for healthy management and growth of your business? Are you frustrated that inspite of best intentions, your leaders are unable to set a new course to innovation and your managers [doing something]]




You will get [something]. Group of white papers.. show images.. [should we take all from library?.. business model poster [ask CB]] 

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