You've hired bright people and given them the best resources.  

So why are you so frustrated?

Are these business performance issues starting to pile up? 

  • Your team just missed a critical milestone and even worse, the breakdown went unnoticed.
  • A new opportunity has presented itself, however, pursuing it means making gut-wrenching changes. 
  • The latest merger left your company saddled with redundant processes and a coordination nightmare. 
  • Managers aren't stepping up, customers are dissatisfied, innovation is stalled... and the pile grows.  

the pathologies of your business

You're feeling the effects, but perhaps not noticing the causes. A Harvester HealthCheck(tm) will expose these pathologies and point you towards a remedy. 

A critical milestone was just missed, and worse, no one saw the breakdown coming.

  • Suddenly a powerful, smart and previously supportive senior colleague has started resisting an important initiative.
  • The wrong people are heading the effort, despite good intentions.
  • Cross-functional team members are retreating into their silos.

A Harvester HealthCheck will identify rogue processes that lead to missed milestones. 

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A new or surprising opportunity has suddenly been identified, but to pursue it might mean
making wrenching changes.

  • Everyone has a good idea for how to go after the next challenge or opportunity, but no coherent plan is emerging.
  • The senior team is breaking up into factions, each supporting a different interpretation of the market and a different strategy.
  • Some members of the senior team say frankly that they fear where the company is going.

A Harvester HealthCheck ensures that your people possess the communication skills necessary to keep your business growing. 

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Since the merger coordination has gotten worse.

  • The company wants to compete on speed of innovation but processes all take longer than expected.
  • Projects continue to cost more or suffer more delays than expected.
  • Frustration and distrust are dominant aspects of relations between disciplines, functions, or regions.

A Harvester HealthCheck will verify your managers' ability to provide suitable coordination of the health of your business.

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Find the Sources of Your Frustration

Let a team of world renowned business experts examine your business with a Harvester HealthCheck.  

Your HealthCheck includes three separate checks of critical areas:

  1. DesignCheck - Where does your business leak money? We will identify rogue processes and identify new improvements to fix those leaks. DesignCheck exposes unnoticed areas of miscoordination that cost you serious amounts of lost business.  
  2. TechCheck - Are you trapped by previous technology investments? A Harvester HealthCheck will assess the utilization of your technology investments to date. We will identify how your current technology helps and hurts your business as well as new technology investments for taking your business to the next level.  The HealthCheck includes a measure of technology effectiveness for application to current and future tech investments.
  3. SkillsCheck - Do your people possess the communication and coordination skills required for healthy management and growth of your business? SkillsCheck surveys the your leaders skills and identifies the gaps that are holding them back. 

Additionally, we will provide you with a number of our publications on Ontological Design. 

Our Guarantee

Upon completion of your Harvester Healthcheck we will reveal to you at least one major blind-spot that is draining value from your business and give you our solution plan. If you are not satisfied with the results, we will perform a second series of checks at no additional cost or issue you a complete refund. 


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This transaction triggers Phase 1 of the Harvester Healthcheck. You will be asked to complete our initial Healthcheck interview form, which we will use to plan Phase 2. You will receive an invoice for $25,000, which is payable upon receipt. 

Upon receipt of payment, your Harvester Coordinator will contact you to share the Phase 2 plans and schedule Phase 2 interviews.

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