Registration for Mobilize! Sydney 2015 is now open. The Event takes place on Sep 28, 29, and 30. Please register at and see the following invitation letter from Chauncey Bell. 


To Business Leaders, Managers, Consultants and Entrepreneurs:
Mobilization is the name we give to the discipline of building new practices and making important changes in existing worlds. In this 3 day intensive workshop, we will introduce a body of practices for mobilizing change in enterprises. We have developed and tested these practices in many industries including manufacturing, energy, communications, and finance in North America, South America, and Europe, over more than 20 years. The practices give managers, consultants, business owners, and advisors a foundation for cultivating new, market-focused offers centered on customers and people in the extended enterprise, and addressing their challenges from a richer perspective. 
Business has always been about communication. For thousands of years, speaking and listening have been in the center of exchanging goods and services in marketplaces – what we understand today as business or commerce. Our awareness of what that means, however, has evolved radically, especially in the last decades, with computers and networks, the Internet, and now wireless mobile communications. Unfortunately, in today's globally-connected service economies, the old staples – the traditional practices, machinery, and systems for extracting value – are no longer sufficient for reliably producing value. The terrain of competition, and what underlies it, are changing too fast.
The old business maps, in which human beings are marginalized as titles in organization charts, as “human resources,” “consumers,” and “end users,” are not sufficient for designing competitive coordination. Tools, methodologies, and algorithms do not reliably produce value for customers. One result of this situation, of course, is the skepticism and resignation about consulting found everywhere today.
In the era we have entered, effective coordination of services throughout the business is central to value creation. Over 90% of the economic outputs of Western economies are now dependent on the coordination of services.* The days when the extraction, agriculture, construction, and manufacturing industries produced 70+% of revenues are long gone.
To deal with today's continuously changing competitive environments and reliably deliver value to demanding customers, we have developed new maps and models. We can show you new ways to rapidly design and introduce practices in organizations to help you effectively manage the coordination of services at all levels of enterprise.
We look forward to exploring mobilization with you in this workshop.
Chauncey Bell, 
Chair & Chief Design Officer / Harvester, Inc.