"When I say I trust you, I’m saying I have the assessment that you are going to be able to fulfill promises reliably in a particular domain (not any/all areas)…..AND:

  1. Competence:   I trust your competence – your capacity to fulfill these promises because you  know something about what is needed to get things done to fulfill the promises – (which includes) that you will deal with all kinds of breakdowns that show up in the move to fulfill the promises.   Not just the easy happy path – the unhappy path too….
  2. Involvement:  I trust (am confident) that you understand my world sufficiently enough so that the way you move and act inside my world you will not cause messes or say stupid things….  I trust you to act in and alongside my world in a way that is attuned to the disclosive space and style I live in.
  3. Sincerity:   And I trust your sincerity – that is I trust that you are going to tell me the truth – you won’t lie to me….  If I don’t trust your sincerity all bets are off until we deal with that….

Example:   Business at Toyota

The Japanese are amazing at this.  If I don’t trust your competence, I’ll send my engineers to go to work with you to help you build the capacity to deliver for me.  If I don’t trust your sense of involvement, I tell you to bring your engineering team to me so that you can learn what it looks like to work in my world.  If I don’t trust your sincerity… goodbye!  No further conversation is needed." - Chauncey Bell - Mobilize! Seattle 2015

Thank you Mary Anne Ireland for transcribing.